Tennis Etiquette

1. Never enter someone's court while play is in progress. Wait for play to stop before walking behind someone.

2. All players must wait off the court until their designated court time.

3. Relinquish the court when due.

4. Give opponent benefit of the doubt on all calls.

5. When a ball lands on your court from an adjoining court, stop play immediately and call a let. Return ball promptly and pleasantly. Start point again

6. Be certain that the receiver is ready for before serving.

7. Do not return a serve that is out : keep the ball on your side of the court.

8. Always be polite and show good sportsmanship. Do not shout or make loud noises that disturb players.


9. Non-marking soled runners are to be worn at all times. No cut-offs. Shirts to be worn at all times.

10. Throwing of tennis racquets and other objects is forbidden. Damage to the courts or injury to others could result in suspension or loss of membership.

11. Cell phones must be turned off in the tennis bubble.

12. No food is permitted on the tennis courts.

13. Smoking is not permitted in the Club