General Tennis Rules

Image by Renith R

Members and non-members playing tennis at the club must follow the club's General Tennis Rules.

General Tennis Rules:

1. Please observe common rules of tennis etiquette.


2. Never enter or walk behind someone's court while play is in progress. Wait for them to stop play before walking behind someone's court. 

3. All players must wait off the court until their designated court time.

4. Relinquish the court when due. Overplaying your court time is not permitted.  

5. Do not shout or make loud noises that disturb other players.


6. Non-marking soled runners are to be worn at all times. No cut-offs. Shirts to be worn at all times.

7. Throwing of tennis racquets and other objects is forbidden. 

8. No talking on cell phones on the tennis courts.

9. Tennis players are not allowed to play music on the tennis courts.

10. No food is permitted on the tennis courts.

11. Foul language or cursing is not permitted.

12. All tennis players must check-in at the front desk and pay appropriate court fees before proceeding to their courts. No Exceptions. 

13. Court bookings and cancellations: Members must cancel (release) courts 24 hours in advance. Late cancellation & no-show fees will be applied. 

14. Club reserves the right to change your court if needed.

15. Non-tennis members can reserve tennis courts after 7 am on the same day as play. Non-members must make payment prior to the tennis court being booked (reserved) by front desk personnel.